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How to Get The Most Out of Your Marine Survey

Good preparation of the boat prior to a survey will greatly enhance the quality of the survey performed.

If the survey being performed is a Pre-purchase survey, it is likely that a yacht broker is involved and it is his task to assist the buyer with the necessary arrangements.

When signing a purchase agreement (which is subject to the results of a survey) we advise you to allow at least two weeks after the signing to complete the survey and the closing. The following check list may come in handy when preparing for a survey:

  • Have the owner or his/her representative give written permission for the survey and vessel boarding.
  • Make brokers listing available to the surveyor.
  • Be sure owners state registration and/or federal documentation papers, manuals and service records are on board. (An original bill of sale will help establish the legal ownership of the vessel).
  • Be sure arrangements for hauling or launching have been made with the involved parties and the boat yard.
  • Arrangements have been made for the sea trial (if desired). The boat must be operated by the boat owner or his authorized representative.
  • Depending on the size of the boat or if sea trials are under sail, crew arrangements must be made.
  • The owner must have the boat adequately insured.
  • Sufficient fuel must be on board.
  • The engines must be ready. De-winterized. Fluid levels normal. Batteries charged.
  • Keys or lock combinations available as well as ignition keys.
  • All covers, carpets (over access hatches) removed. Unnecessary equipment, furnishings removed or out of the way of access hatches, lockers, and service areas.
  • AC and DC power (batteries charged) available.
  • Water tanks sufficiently filled to test water systems.
  • Electronics installed.
  • Toilets are operational.
  • Bilges clean and dry.
  • Bilge pumps operational.
  • Required safety equipment on board and serviceable.
    • Navigation lights.
    • Personal and throwable flotation devices.
    • First aid kit.
    • CO/smoke/fume detectors.
    • Sound signalling device(s).

Attending the survey:

Marine Surveys By American Marine Specialists, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama Neither the Buyer or Seller are required to attend the survey as long as all advance arrangements (including surveyors fee) are made. Attendance is invited however, keeping in mind that the surveyor must have minimal distractions in order to perform his duties efficiently. Remember, most surveys are performed under less than desirable conditions - poor, uneven, or bright sunlight - unfamiliar equipment or accommodations (no two vessels are alike) - limited space due to vessel size, equipment location, furnishings, or stowed equipment and personal gear - adverse weather - and the need to take accurate notes. Attendees are asked not to look over the surveyors shoulder during the survey, and to hold or limit questions and conversation until the surveyor is finished or between stations. In the case of buyers, (especially those not familiar to the size or type of vessel being considered for purchase), if you wish to have the surveyor assist you with vessel familiarization and operation, prior arrangements should be made for additional time and expense.

Survey fees: Surveyors fees are predicated on the information the surveyor receives from the prospective CLIENT. Considerations include: Type and intensity of the survey - vessel overall size, how powered and configured - vessel age - location - other services requested (see additional services-not included in Basic Survey). ***Please note that the buyer is normally responsible for the survey fee and associated charges, including hauling out or launching charges.

The survey report will be delivered via email, via pdf format - normally within 48 hours (two work days) after completion of the survey inspection. If a bound hard copy or disc copy is desired, advance arrangements should be made, and there will be an additional charge for time and delivery charges.

NOTE: The condition of the vessel, and all discrepancies will be reported WHERE IS, AS IS, at the time of the survey. If you desire to have deficiencies corrected prior to having the report delivered, or have the report changed to reflect corrected deficiencies, you must make arrangement for the surveyors time and expenses associated with re-inspection, and report changes.

The estimated Fair Market Value of the vessel will be reported on the survey as: $$$$ “With all serious conditions remedied, and with no subsequent or undetermined conditions arising”.

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